Gerd Heisel

Gerd Heisel is a highly experienced figure within the business world today, with visionary skills that have enabled him to own and run a successful car business in Europe for over 33 years. His leadership and reliable approach to business have earned him the trust of many people across Europe and has landed him numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding entrepreneurship.

He has built and invested in a team of 180 staff, that is well trained in delivering high-quality services to clients across Europe which as made him a role model for young entrepreneurs who aspire to succeed. His ability to coach and motivate his staff has enabled them to maintain the European standards that his business’s are known for.

Gerd Heisel’s true passion lies in bringing out the best in others and always provides valuable advice to those who aspire to succeed in life. His belief in the power of a positive attitude is a testament to his dedication to helping others.