Philippe Heisel

Phil Heisel had the opportunity to develop exceptional management skills early on in life as he grew up in his father’s successful car business. He learned firsthand about operational strategies and coached and trained staff to the European standards that he later brought to Dubai. Through this experience, Phil honed his fantastic managerial skills and gained a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement. He learned how to lead a team, streamline processes, and maintain customer satisfaction. All of these skills proved to be invaluable as he went on to pursue a career in building development projects and real estate.

Phil Heisel’s passion for construction took him on an exciting journey across Europe, where he gained valuable experience in planning and developing building projects.

Phil’s investment strategies and attention to detail helped his team create structures that met clients’ specific needs while also adhering to strict regulations and environmental standards. His experience working with different stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and local authorities, helped him understand the complexities involved in construction projects and how to navigate potential challenges.

After gaining 5 years experience in building projects and networking skills, Phil Heisel decided to take on the challenge of real estate in Dubai. His real estate experience in Dubai was a key decision in his career as it allowed him to learn the ins and outs of the industry in a rapidly growing market.